17 Dec 2018 Resounding success for HSBC Malta employees Pension plan English PDF 383.78 KB

12 Dec 2018 Award-winning HSBCnet internet banking for businesses revamped English PDF 176.43 KB

4 Dec 2018 HSBC first in Malta to introduce complete digital experience on personal loans English PDF 254.82 KB


13 Nov 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation supports the Down Syndrome Association English PDF 103.66 KB

5 Nov 2018 Malta’s first businesswoman awards launched for trailblazing female leaders English PDF 118.34 KB


30 Oct 2018 HSBC Malta recognised as model employer for mental wellbeing English PDF 77.48 KB

23 Oct 2018 Popular HSBC Fusion service now open to more small business customers English PDF 91.08 KB

17 Oct 2018 HSBC Malta promotes the love for the environment with its JAYE interns English PDF 524.63 KB

4 Oct 2018 HSBC Malta launches new international business service English PDF 208.33 KB


28 Aug 2018 HSBC Water Programme supports SkolaSajf summer activities English PDF 264.16 KB

21 Aug 2018 HSBC Premier re-launched with attractive new benefits English PDF 158.72 KB

16 Aug 2018 HSBC Malta colleagues’ summer party English PDF 1.69 MB

6 Aug 2018 HSBC Bank Malta sustains dividend, shifts focus to growth English PDF 131.80 KB

1 Aug 2018 HSBC Water Programme celebrates another successful year English PDF 282.91 KB


30 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta making student life more rewarding English PDF 264.60 KB

25 Jul 2018 Maltese schools achieve highest global rankings in international water programme English PDF 235.97 KB

23 Jul 2018 HSBC Global Asset Management Malta launches the Lower Carbon Funds range English PDF 67.88 KB

17 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta Summer Party for Customers English PDF 649.86 KB

16 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta installs a new ATM in Sliema English PDF 74.59 KB

6 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta ‘At Our Best Excellence Awards’ Reception English PDF 983.60 KB

2 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta first to receive John Harper Award for an organisation English PDF 131.91 KB


28 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta wins Global Water Challenges prize English PDF 173.64 KB

20 Jun 2018 HSBC Foundation donates the magic of music to Sannat Special Unit English PDF 140.81 KB

14 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta and EY organise seminar to support corporates English PDF 361.59 KB

12 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation transforming young lives English PDF 142.27 KB

6 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta’s flagship corporate banking centre ready for business English PDF 258.75 KB

5 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta launches 2018 student campaign and offers English PDF 99.32 KB


30 May 2018 Winners of HSBC Malta Touch ID launch competition announced English PDF 236.06 KB

28 May 2018 HSBC Malta Annual Quiz Night English PDF 190.93 KB

17 May 2018 HSBC first bank in Malta to launch Face ID technology English PDF 87.40 KB

15 May 2018 HSBC Malta hosts top international expert on foreign exchange English PDF 116.23 KB

14 May 2018 Family Fun Day at HSBC Malta English PDF 414.12 KB

3 May 2018 HSBC Malta card users win cashback English PDF 162.14 KB


30 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta Business Banking Reception English PDF 325.91 KB

27 Apr 2018 HSBC-supported exhibition imagines water from a new lens English PDF 205.08 KB

24 Apr 2018 Diamond studded venue for an award-winning Asset Management portfolio English PDF 137.02 KB

22 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta announces investment to transform flagship corporate banking sector English PDF 65.73 KB

17 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta first major bank to announce pension plan for its employees English PDF 118.74 KB

10 Apr 2018 Moving towards a cashless economy English PDF 63.78 KB

4 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta response to media speculation English PDF 17.73 KB

2 Apr 2018 HSBC rallies Malta and Gozo on World Water Day English PDF 477.42 KB


27 Mar 2018 Former HSBC employees making a difference English PDF 700.47 KB

22 Mar 2018 HSBC Malta celebrates the successes of its outstanding employees English PDF 753.14 KB

19 Mar 2018 Corporations unite for CSR Day 2018 English PDF 1.25 MB

13 Mar 2018 HSBC supports innovative parenting project at the University of Malta English PDF 129.44 KB

12 Mar 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation continues partnership with Patrimonju Malti English PDF 104.55 KB

8 Mar 2018 HSBC Malta honours women on International Women’s Day English PDF 935.08 KB

6 Mar 2018 HSBC in excellent position to support the residential property market English PDF 1.67 MB

1 Mar 2018 HSBC improves Fusion service for small business owners English PDF 1.00 MB


27 Feb 2018 HSBC Malta provides new tools for businesses looking to grow English PDF 237.92 KB

20 Feb 2018 HSBC Bank Malta 2017 Financial Results English PDF 44.70 KB

15 Feb 2018 HSBC first bank to launch fingerprint recognition technology in Malta English PDF 688.75 KB

12 Feb 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation volunteers reviving Torri l-Abjad English PDF 257.04 KB

9 Feb 2018 HSBC Premier customers off to enjoy a Mastercard Priceless Experience English PDF 112.89 KB


30 Jan 2018 HSBC invests close to €1 million on water conservation in Malta English PDF 144.51 KB

29 Jan 2018 HSBC Malta to upgrade ATMs and card systems English PDF 28.80 KB

9 Jan 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation weaves a new chapter of Maltese lace making with decade-long support English PDF 662.77 KB

3 Jan 2018 HSBC offers customers a mega start to 2018 English PDF 436.88 KB


28 Dec 2017 HSBC Malta kids enjoy the magic of festive season English PDF 580.58 KB

26 Dec 2017 HSBC Malta’s first Toy Drive brings holiday cheer to children in need English PDF 678.87 KB

19 Dec 2017 HSBC Malta rings in Christmas with free shopping for customers English PDF 742.22 KB

HSBC Malta organises Christmas party for its employees English PDF 1.87 MB

13 Dec 2017 HSBC hosts customers in Malta and Gozo over festive period English PDF 1.88 MB

12 Dec 2017 Hundreds of Prince’s Trust International Achieve students ready to excel in life English PDF 453.68 KB

11 Dec 2017 HSBC dedicates itself to good causes in October and November English PDF 1.44 MB

7 Dec 2017 Every cap matters: HSBC employees collect plastic for l-Istrina English PDF 322.72 KB

5 Dec 2017 HSBC Malta Foundation supports President’s UK hospitals visit English PDF 432.31 KB


30 Nov 2017 HSBC Malta named Malta’s Bank of the Year for 2017 by ‘The Banker’ for second year running English PDF 357.84 KB

26 Nov 2017 HSBC Malta joins global toy drive to bring children a festive spark English PDF 251.36 KB

21 Nov 2017 HSBC Malta releases 2016/17 Corporate Social Responsibility report English PDF 388.13 KB


19 Oct 2017 HSBC Water Programme joins hands with UNESCO to promote water conservation English PDF 1.99 MB

12 Oct 2017 HSBC is Malta’s first major bank to launch contactless payment cards English PDF 355.45 KB

11 Oct 2017 HSBC Foundation assists in creating a new ambience at St Joseph’s Home English PDF 301.29 KB

5 Oct 2017 HSBC Malta Foundation supports international children conference English PDF 329.80 KB

2 Oct 2017 HSBC Malta introduces new service for small businesses English PDF 771.32 KB

1 Oct 2017 Team HSBC makes a dash for Team Dr Klown English PDF 996.70 KB


26 Sep 2017 HSBC Bank Malta initiative for staff to reduce the use of plastic bottles English PDF 961.29 KB

15 Sep 2017 HSBC Malta Foundation supports cancer research with €84,000 donation to UoM English PDF 1.00 MB

6 Sep 2017 HSBC Malta hosts event to help customers turn compliance into business advantage English PDF 704.42 KB

5 Sep 2017 HSBC Catch the Drop supports SkolaSajf summer activity English PDF 797.97 KB


30 Aug 2017 HSBC sponsors annual summer camp for children with diabetes English PDF 1.05 MB

23 Aug 2017 HSBC Malta creating future business leaders with JAYE Malta English PDF 1013.29 KB

16 Aug 2017 Blue is the coolest colour in water-inspired exhibition English PDF 918.76 KB

11 Aug 2017 HSBC Malta summer event for customers English PDF 1.54 MB

9 Aug 2017 130-year-old artillery carriages restored with HSBC Malta Foundation’s support English PDF 523.12 KB

2 Aug 2017 HSBC Malta Foundation breathes new life into the historical Torri l-Abjad English PDF 1016.22 KB


31 Jul 2017 HSBC Bank Malta reports resilient profitability in H1 2017 – retains 65% dividend payout ratio English PDF 304.05 KB

27 Jul 2017 HSBC Malta creating positive community outcomes English PDF 1014.05 KB

25 Jul 2017 Student environment report takes top international honour with help from HSBC Water Programme English PDF 398.96 KB

21 Jul 2017 HSBC students competition offering up to €3,000 in prizes English PDF 445.52 KB


30 Jun 2017 Students explore their potential with Prince’s Trust International xl/Achieve English PDF 333.53 KB

16 Jun 2017 HSBC Malta rewarding students with €50 in new campaign English PDF 237.98 KB

14 Jun 2017 HSBC introduces new debit and credit cards for businesses English PDF 374.34 KB

12 Jun 2017 HSBC Catch the Drop renews grandeur of Villa Frere English PDF 483.03 KB

6 Jun 2017 Water meets science - a collaboration between HSBC and Esplora English PDF 970.27 KB


24 May 2017 WDM and HSBC Malta host company leaders and aspiring female directors English PDF 556.86 KB

22 May 2017 HSBC Malta Foundation renews its support for EkoSkola English PDF 611.93 KB

10 May 2017 HSBC Malta spreads Mother’s Day love English PDF 798.63 KB

HSBC puts Malta’s water progress on EU map English PDF 435.60 KB

2 May 2017 HSBC Advance customers win with their Visa Platinum English PDF 471.50 KB


27 Apr 2017 HSBC Malta expands its ATM network with PAMA Shopping Village English PDF 268.54 KB

21 Apr 2017 HSBC recognises outstanding employees for their achievements English PDF 494.75 KB

6 Apr 2017 HSBC Malta Annual Townhall English PDF 995.79 KB


22 Mar 2017 Mrieħel Secondary sweeps the World Water Day Quiz English PDF 821.62 KB

18 Mar 2017 Record number of companies join CSR Day 2017 English PDF 1.97 MB

13 Mar 2017 Art contributes towards building a sustainable future for water English PDF 941.53 KB

3 Mar 2017 HSBC volunteers serving Malta English PDF 1.12 MB


21 Feb 2017 HSBC Malta reports resilient profitability for 2016, increases dividends English PDF 345.33 KB

13 Feb 2017 Maria Regina College students create a new sustainable microcosm English PDF 254.62 KB

7 Feb 2017 HSBC unveils restored facade of its iconic Valletta headquarters English PDF 535.23 KB


30 Jan 2017 Malta’s economy to stand out in 2017 in an unpredictable world, says HSBC Malta CEO English PDF 883.05 KB

25 Jan 2017 Great offers with HSBC #OneStepCloser Campaign English PDF 446.43 KB

19 Jan 2017 HSBC Malta Quiz Night English PDF 1.39 MB

13 Jan 2017 HSBC Malta lead sponsor of The Economist 2017 Malta Gala for third year in a row English PDF 391.18 KB

4 Jan 2017 Computer games promote water conservation in Malta English PDF 152.18 KB


29 Dec 2016 Christmas party a hit with kids of HSBC employees English PDF 510.66 KB

26 Dec 2016 HSBC Malta Foundation brings Christmas presents for the disadvantaged English PDF 178.52 KB

22 Dec 2016 HSBC Malta delivers Christmas surprise to first time home buyers English PDF 88.69 KB

20 Dec 2016 HSBC Malta entertains colleagues and customers over Christmas English PDF 1.02 MB

16 Dec 2016 HSBC supports diversity in Malta's boardrooms English PDF 534.38 KB

15 Dec 2016 Fantastical characters come to life through HSBC Catch the drop English PDF 1.03 MB

11 Dec 2016 HSBC Bank Malta named Bank of the Year for 2016 by ‘The Banker’ English PDF 421.87 KB


9 Nov 2016 HSBC Malta Foundation tailoring the future of Maltese lacework English PDF 1.51 MB

2 Nov 2016 HSBC Foundation supports President’s UK hospitals visit English PDF 528.14 KB


31 Oct 2016 HSBC Group’s Internal Audit head to address Malta forum English PDF 306.33 KB

25 Oct 2016 HSBC Catch the Drop inspires Senglea Primary students with harvested water English PDF 548.28 KB

24 Oct 2016 HSBC Malta goes pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month English PDF 1.10 MB

13 Oct 2016 HSBC Group General Manager visits Malta English PDF 1.68 MB

10 Oct 2016 HSBC sponsored Kelma Kelma Nota Nota shows to air during Christmas English PDF 523.14 KB

4 Oct 2016 HSBC Malta sponsors TransLog for third year in a row English PDF 305.73 KB

3 Oct 2016 HSBC present at University Freshers’ Week English PDF 768.33 KB


26 Sep 2016 HSBC renews support to Europe’s oldest student body English PDF 121.96 KB

13 Sep 2016 HSBC finances water conservation project at Tarxien school English PDF 425.29 KB

12 Sep 2016 HSBC Malta puts Advance customers a step ahead with new privileges English PDF 866.93 KB

6 Sep 2016 HSBC Bank and Global Payments renew agreement with the Definitive(ly) Good Guide Co. Ltd. English PDF 393.69 KB


23 Aug 2016 HSBC Malta Foundation makes 2016 best summer ever for Hospice Movement kids English PDF 725.18 KB

19 Aug 2016 HSBC Malta Summer Concert for customers English PDF 1.14 MB

9 Aug 2016 Stars of HSBC Malta shine at Employees Excellence Awards English PDF 392.63 KB

3 Aug 2016 HSBC Bank Malta reports increase in profits and dividends during H1 2016 English PDF 293.12 KB

1 Aug 2016 HSBC Malta provides hearty purpose to community builders English PDF 680.64 KB


28 Jul 2016 HSBC Global Asset Management Malta’s portfolio surpasses €1 billion English PDF 587.02 KB

27 Jul 2016 HSBC Yes 4 Students competition awards €1,000 English PDF 1.25 MB

21 Jul 2016 HSBC funded water project comes to life at Kirkop Primary English PDF 428.21 KB

18 Jul 2016 HSBC wins World’s Best Investment Bank award from Euromoney magazine English PDF 660.68 KB

12 Jul 2016 HSBC Water Programme showcases its work in Africa to the migrant community in Malta English PDF 599.89 KB

6 Jul 2016 HSBC Malta adds more value to Yes 4 Students accounts English PDF 254.58 KB


21 Jun 2016 HSBC Malta Foundation helping keep Malta free of crime English PDF 519.73 KB

16 Jun 2016 HSBC Water Programme supports EU’s 'We Eat Responsibly' initiative English PDF 611.40 KB

14 Jun 2016 HSBC Malta announces new executive leadership team English PDF 358.92 KB

7 Jun 2016 HSBC Europe Chairman visits Malta English PDF 516.44 KB


17 May 2016 Global Transfers now available on HSBC Malta’s free Mobile Banking app English PDF 207.96 KB

13 May 2016 HSBC Malta organises annual Sports and Fun Day for staff members and families English PDF 1.25 MB

12 May 2016 HSBC Malta’s latest trade finance fund: €60 million take-up English PDF 139.39 KB

11 May 2016 HSBC Bank Malta on Attard branch correspondence English PDF 141.74 KB

9 May 2016 HSBC Malta supports Visually Impaired customers with ATM technology English PDF 335.03 KB


29 Apr 2016 HSBC Malta commits to being a leading organisation for diversity English PDF 496.88 KB

25 Apr 2016 HSBC Malta founding sponsor of The Economist Mediterranean Leadership Summit English PDF 332.44 KB

18 Apr 2016 HSBC Catch the Drop champions water conservation English PDF 1.08 MB

15 Apr 2016 HSBC Bank Malta announces Board of Directors during AGM English PDF 692.96 KB

11 Apr 2016 HSBC Malta supports Earth Hour English PDF 324.33 KB

5 Apr 2016 HSBC Malta sponsors print category of the Malta Journalism Awards English PDF 447.46 KB


19 Mar 2016 Top corporates join hands on CSR Day 2016 English PDF 936.40 KB

10 Mar 2016 HSBC Bank Malta and GWU sign collective agreement English PDF 415.35 KB

2 Mar 2016 HSBC helps Ħandaq Secondary overhaul its irrigation system English PDF 422.71 KB


29 Feb 2016 Final winners of HSBC’s debit card competition announced English PDF 439.47 KB

24 Feb 2016 HSBC introduces the HSBC Select range of funds in Malta English PDF 293.21 KB

22 Feb 2016 HSBC Malta reports improved underlying profitability, increases dividend payout to 65% English PDF 26.75 KB

HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. Preliminary Statement of Annual Results for the year ended 31 December 2015 English PDF 246.90 KB

16 Feb 2016 HSBC Bank Malta and MUBE sign collective agreement English PDF 331.21 KB

11 Feb 2016 HSBC Catch the Drop launches new three-year art project with Edaav English PDF 565.97 KB

4 Feb 2016 HSBC Malta and WaterAid transforming lives in Ghana English PDF 1.22 MB

2 Feb 2016 St Michael Foundation receives grant from HSBC Catch the Drop English PDF 390.80 KB

1 Feb 2016 #StartsToday with HSBC Malta English PDF 1.21 MB


26 Jan 2016 HSBC Malta CEO considers Maltese economy well positioned for growth English PDF 562.81 KB

22 Jan 2016 HSBC Catch the Drop messages magnetise Senglea Primary English PDF 447.81 KB

12 Jan 2016 HSBC Catch the Drop messages become forever Djamantini English PDF 572.70 KB

6 Jan 2016 First two winners of HSBC’s Debit Card competition announced English PDF 331.30 KB

5 Jan 2016 HSBC Malta Foundation brings smiles to disadvantaged children during Christmas English PDF 358.21 KB

4 Jan 2016 From one bank to another, a gift of life English PDF 847.14 KB


18 Dec 2015 Gudja students catch the drop through HSBC Water Programme English PDF 570.65 KB

16 Dec 2015 HSBC helps Maltese businesses write a new trade finance agenda English PDF 1008.91 KB

10 Dec 2015 HSBC Malta Foundation supporting outstanding Maltese lacework English PDF 536.99 KB

7 Dec 2015 HSBC Water Programme seeps down to local councils English PDF 699.44 KB

4 Dec 2015 Informative HSBC Water Programme stickers at Mater Dei English PDF 472.22 KB


30 Nov 2015 HSBC Water Programme to save half a million disposable water bottles a year English PDF 348.93 KB

26 Nov 2015 HSBC Bank Malta announces voluntary retirement / redundancy scheme English PDF 110.64 KB

HSBC Malta Foundation becomes the first international partner of The Prince’s Trust International Schools Programme English PDF 516.25 KB

24 Nov 2015 HSBC Malta wins the Greening the Islands award for Catch the Drop English PDF 226.51 KB

16 Nov 2015 HSBC investing €515,000 in the environment English PDF 371.69 KB

11 Nov 2015 €4,000 to be won in HSBC’s debit card competition English PDF 160.28 KB

St Monica students tap into water conservation efforts of HSBC Water Programme English PDF 333.77 KB

2 Nov 2015 HSBC Malta brings smiles to patients through Dr. Klown English PDF 341.05 KB


27 Oct 2015 Scouts of Malta raise funds for HSBC Water Programme partner English PDF 177.00 KB

22 Oct 2015 HSBC economist outlines the reshaping of international trade corridors English PDF 341.82 KB

14 Oct 2015 HSBC helps industry navigate next steps in transport and logistics English PDF 327.26 KB

5 Oct 2015 HSBC wins 'The Banker' awards English PDF 113.16 KB


29 Sep 2015 HSBC revitalises Għar Ilma in Gozo English PDF 912.89 KB

23 Sep 2015 HSBC Water Programme educates students in summer recess English PDF 1.09 MB

20 Sep 2015 Everyone’s a winner at annual HSBC Triathlon English PDF 479.22 KB

18 Sep 2015 HSBC Foundation extends support to President’s UK hospitals initiative English PDF 441.97 KB

16 Sep 2015 HSBC Water Programme creates refreshing stream of awareness in summer English PDF 1.38 MB

10 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank Malta expresses condolences at death of Albert Mizzi English PDF 290.70 KB

1 Sep 2015 HSBC Bank Malta announces new CEO English PDF 429.14 KB


25 Aug 2015 HSBC cares by shaping a better society English PDF 710.44 KB

HSBC Malta Water Programme complements the World Water Week in Stockholm English PDF 1.01 MB

12 Aug 2015 HSBC Malta Foundation’s support of hedgehog conservation bearing fruit English PDF 400.22 KB

3 Aug 2015 HSBC Bank Malta plc half-yearly results for 2015 English PDF 590.14 KB


29 Jul 2015 HSBC Malta Summer Concert English PDF 1.24 MB

21 Jul 2015 HSBC holds summer staff party amid 15th anniversary year in Malta English PDF 1.29 MB

17 Jul 2015 HSBC fetes five YRE winners English PDF 442.06 KB

15 Jul 2015 HSBC launches 2015 Yes 4 Students campaign English PDF 693.51 KB


26 Jun 2015 HSBC donation protects vulnerable Yelkouan Shearwater English PDF 436.41 KB

23 Jun 2015 HSBC Malta launches €75m Malta Trade for Growth Fund English PDF 819.92 KB

22 Jun 2015 HSBC sponsors premier category of the Malta Journalism Awards English PDF 317.44 KB

16 Jun 2015 HSBC brings global experience to the new International Banking Centre English PDF 867.38 KB

15 Jun 2015 Kindergarten transforms school area into an ecological haven English PDF 865.92 KB

5 Jun 2015 Staff maximise true abilities at monthly HSBC self-care sessions English PDF 412.84 KB


28 May 2015 HSBC Trade Forecast Global Press Release English PDF 38.62 KB

22 May 2015 Men exchange normal day job for chopping boards at Banking on Women event English PDF 776.58 KB

19 May 2015 HSBC rated one of the best places for women to work English PDF 288.89 KB

12 May 2015 Paintings by young Maltese draw overseas sales English PDF 670.00 KB

11 May 2015 HSBC’s Digital Week culminates with giveaways for online competition English PDF 452.33 KB

6 May 2015 HSBC celebrates the significance of Wignacourt Aqueduct in 400th anniversary English PDF 780.73 KB

4 May 2015 HSBC Employees Excellence Awards 2015 winners feted during glittering gala event English PDF 983.72 KB


29 Apr 2015 HSBC provides unrivalled insight into global currency movements English PDF 377.67 KB

22 Apr 2015 HSBC welcomes the first batch of MCAST apprentices English PDF 431.00 KB

1 Apr 2015 HSBC Malta joins worldwide branches for WWF’s Earth Hour 2015 English PDF 675.03 KB


25 Mar 2015 HSBC recognises employee excellence at annual Staff Townhall English PDF 754.47 KB

23 Mar 2015 HSBC launches Arrow initiative to advance women staff English PDF 376.82 KB

19 Mar 2015 Leading companies steer social change on CSR Day 2015 English PDF 1.52 MB

13 Mar 2015 HSBC Catch the Drop unveils Hippo project ahead of World Water Day English PDF 396.03 KB

10 Mar 2015 HSBC Malta’s Banking on Women AGM 2015 English PDF 709.40 KB

6 Mar 2015 HSBC celebrates the power of technology during its Digital Week campaign English PDF 347.86 KB

2 Mar 2015 Żurrieq shoppers receive eco-friendly cloth bags through HSBC Catch the Drop project English PDF 1.02 MB


23 Feb 2015 HSBC Bank Malta plc 2014 Annual Results English PDF 23.24 KB

17 Feb 2015 Participation in the HSBC Water Programme lands school Green Flag English PDF 502.83 KB

12 Feb 2015 HSBC Bugibba branch operations English PDF 158.24 KB

10 Feb 2015 HSBC Foundation unravelling a new history narrative at Notarial Archives English PDF 896.94 KB

6 Feb 2015 HSBC Catch the Drop supports Valletta Primary School initiative English PDF 362.23 KB

5 Feb 2015 HSBC Malta Foundation to the rescue and rehabilitation of hedgehogs English PDF 720.86 KB


14 Jan 2015 HSBC Mobile Banking App exceeds 15,000 customer downloads English PDF 515.04 KB

8 Jan 2015 HSBC staff and kids raise money for charity at Christmas English PDF 453.77 KB

Media contact

John Agius
Communications Manager,
HSBC Bank Malta Plc
Operations Centre, 80 Mill Street,
Qormi, QRM 3101

Phone: +356 2380 3248

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