27 Nov 2023 HSBC Malta Foundation's internship programme hits record numbers, offering unparalleled learning experiences English PDF 132.45 KB

10 Nov 2023 HSBC Bank Malta Clinches Top Honours in Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2023 English PDF 103.09 KB

1 Nov 2023 TradeMalta and HSBC Malta Unveil Global Growth Programme for Advanced Exporters English PDF 164.51 KB


11 Sep 2023 St. Thomas More students partner with the HSBC Malta Foundation and Move malta to plant 100 trees English PDF 183.84 KB

4 Sep 2023 HSBC Malta and ĠEMMA unite to nurture young minds in the Art of Socially Responsible Investing English PDF 223.60 KB


31 Aug 2023 HSBC Malta celebrates diversity and inclusion with EuroPride 2023 sponsorship English PDF 181.27 KB

3 Aug 2023 School project aiding transition of migrants to life in Malta wins Achieve Sustainability Award in partnership with Prince’s Trust International English PDF 192.51 KB

1 Aug 2023 HSBC Malta: announces highest interim dividend in 7 years, driven by strong performance English PDF 63.38 KB


25 Jul 2023 TradeMalta Launches HSBC-backed Go Global Programme Fostering Internationalisation of Malta-based companies English PDF 183.12 KB

19 Jul 2023 Maltese student wins prestigious Prince’s Trust Global Young Achiever Award English PDF 161.07 KB

13 Jul 2023 PTI Achieve programme hosts third annual Malta Awards English PDF 185.70 KB

7 Jul 2023 HSBC Malta kickstarts 2023 student campaign with €50 welcome gift English PDF 283.56 KB

5 Jul 2023 HSBC Malta marks summer solstice with top customers and partners at Verdala Palace English PDF 1.02 MB


30 Jun 2023 Maltese students triumph in the international entrepreneurship challenge English PDF 537.98 KB

21 Jun 2023 HSBC Malta helps empower young environmental journalists through YRE programme sponsorship English PDF 199.87 KB

15 Jun 2023 HSBC Malta now offering two new business lending schemes supported by the Malta Development Bank English PDF 71.02 KB

12 Jun 2023 HSBC Malta Foundation awards sustainability awards and internships during the JA Foundation awards night English PDF 305.81 KB

1 Jun 2023 HSBC Life Assurance (Malta) Ltd. supporting a sustainability agenda English PDF 125.52 KB


23 May 2023 HSBC Malta employees give back to the community with monthly clothes donation at Valletta Soup Kitchen English PDF 200.13 KB

19 May 2023 HSBC Malta Foundation hosts quiz showcasing students’ financial knowledge English PDF 165.11 KB

16 May 2023 HSBC Malta awarded Richmond Foundation Gold Certificate for its commitment to employee mental wellbeing English PDF 134.08 KB


26 Apr 2023 Longing for a more sustainable future: HSBC Malta Foundation supports Students to showcase climate action art in first ever ESG exhibition at Parliament English PDF 539.30 KB

13 Apr 2023 Students showcase entrepreneurial skills at Easter fair organised by HSBC Malta Foundation and PTI Achieve Malta English PDF 301.76 KB


27 Mar 2023 HSBC Malta clocks in for Earth Hour 2023 English PDF 375.86 KB

23 Mar 2023 HSBC Malta, together with 9 leading Maltese companies, NGOs and a school join forces with President of Malta for return of CSR Week English PDF 262.46 KB

20 Mar 2023 HSBC Malta and local schools help nine local NGOs on International Woman’s Day English PDF 185.25 KB

9 Mar 2023 HSBC Malta named market leader and best service provider in 2023 Euromoney Trade Finance survey English PDF 104.60 KB

7 Mar 2023 HSBC Life pays out over 95% of claims in 2022 English PDF 68.61 KB


21 Feb 2023 HSBC Malta: Strong and improved financial performance driven by rising interest rates and non-performing loan recovery English PDF 102.60 KB

9 Feb 2023 HSBC Malta Volunteer Leave Day sees 340 employees helping in the community English PDF 214.87 KB

6 Feb 2023 Geoffrey Fichte to succeed Simon Vaughan Johnson as HSBC Bank Malta CEO English PDF 146.11 KB


16 Dec 2022 Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti Celebrates 30 Years of promoting Maltese patrimony at home and abroad English PDF 207.86 KB

12 Dec 2022 HSBC Malta honoured as winner of the National Corporate Voluntary Organisations Award English PDF 120.83 KB

1 Dec 2022 HSBC Bank Malta renews support for Maltese business internationalisation with new TradeMalta agreement English PDF 202.90 KB


30 Nov 2022 HSBC Malta direct shareholding transferred to HSBC Continental Europe English PDF 75.68 KB

15 Nov 2022 HSBC Malta employees come together for exercise challenge in aid of ALS Malta English PDF 154.72 KB


27 Oct 2022 Skolasajf students learn about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and employability skills English PDF 250.69 KB

4 Oct 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports JA Malta’s financial capability sessions English PDF 377.38 KB


29 Sep 2022 HSBC Malta backed recycling competition showcases Skolasajf students' creativity English PDF 228.19 KB


22 Aug 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation renewed its commitment to Down Syndrome Association Malta English PDF 195.63 KB

9 Aug 2022 HSBC Insurance Malta strengthens sustainability commitment English PDF 329.30 KB

5 Aug 2022 HSBC Malta joins the Malta ESG Alliance English PDF 154.04 KB

3 Aug 2022 HSBC Malta launches FX Prompt for cross border payments English PDF 150.58 KB

1 Aug 2022 HSBC Malta: achieved satisfactory financial performance in the first half of the year English PDF 152.87 KB


29 Jul 2022 HSBC Bank Malta supports local pet food firm English PDF 302.78 KB

21 Jul 2022 Record number of interns join HSBC Malta Foundation’s initiative English PDF 340.07 KB

19 Jul 2022 HSBC Malta signs Gold Partnership renewal with The Malta Chamber English PDF 311.85 KB

8 Jul 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports the High 5 Mathematics challenge English PDF 235.20 KB

6 Jul 2022 HSBC Malta employees use voluntary leave scheme to clean beaches English PDF 291.30 KB

1 Jul 2022 Prince’s Trust International Achieve Awards winners announced English PDF 391.31 KB


28 Jun 2022 HSBC Bank Malta’s commercial banking clients invited to ‘Taste History’ English PDF 422.42 KB

24 Jun 2022 100,000 fewer plastic bottles used thanks to an HSBC Malta backed project English PDF 206.16 KB

22 Jun 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation and Malta Chamber of SMEs hold sustainability seminar series English PDF 217.66 KB

20 Jun 2022 HSBC Malta launches new Student campaign, pledges to plant a tree per new student enrolled English PDF 202.60 KB

8 Jun 2022 HSBC Malta, Chamber webinar focuses on 2022 economic outlook English PDF 167.49 KB


27 May 2022 JA Malta and HSBC Malta Foundation announce winners of sustainability awards English PDF 331.35 KB

13 May 2022 HSBC Bank's Fragile Planet report highlights need for urgent climate action English PDF 207.38 KB

10 May 2022 Labour Market Forecast and Future Skills Project supported by the HSBC Malta Foundation and The Malta Chamber English PDF 241.12 KB

3 May 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports ESG online course for educators English PDF 202.86 KB


22 Apr 2022 HSBC Malta’s sustainability efforts in 2021 deliver significant progress English PDF 386.08 KB

12 Apr 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports Żibel’s new Seabin English PDF 790.44 KB


25 Mar 2022 HSBC Malta clocks in for Earth Hour 2022 English PDF 467.59 KB

17 Mar 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation pledges continued support for the National Blood Transfusion Service English PDF 428.66 KB

4 Mar 2022 HSBC Malta announces increased support for the JAYE Malta Foundation English PDF 489.39 KB


24 Feb 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation renews support for school’s gardens English PDF 431.63 KB

22 Feb 2022 HSBC Malta: Improved financial performance despite the persistent Covid-19 pandemic English PDF 330.02 KB

11 Feb 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports project to bring legendary World War II aircraft back to life English PDF 176.32 KB

7 Feb 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports new JAYE sustainable entrepreneurship awards English PDF 99.87 KB

3 Feb 2022 HSBC Malta sponsors students reporting on sustainable living English PDF 435.59 KB

1 Feb 2022 HSBC Appoints First Head of Sustainable Finance for Europe Commercial Banking English PDF 317.58 KB


27 Jan 2022 HSBC Malta starts 2022 with offers and discounts English PDF 313.68 KB

21 Jan 2022 HSBC Malta doubles stipend of student competition winners English PDF 82.14 KB

13 Jan 2022 HSBC Malta Foundation supports parenting PhD study English PDF 78.99 KB


29 Dec 2021 HSBC Malta introduces minimum cash withdrawal policy English PDF 376.51 KB

9 Dec 2021 HSBC Malta tops Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2021 English PDF 104.31 KB

7 Dec 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation announces winners of Climate Action Network school competition English PDF 216.75 KB

6 Dec 2021 HSBC Malta, Malta Chamber discuss post-covid outlook English PDF 62.56 KB

1 Dec 2021 Outstanding entrepreneurs lauded at the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards English PDF 145.29 KB


17 Nov 2021 Judges for Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards announced English PDF 352.59 KB

5 Nov 2021 HSBC Malta commits to net zero by 2030 English PDF 56.10 KB

3 Nov 2021 SMEs require US$50 trillion investment to meet global net-zero transaction goals English PDF 101.64 KB


25 Oct 2021 HSBC Malta reaffirms commitment to TradeMalta English PDF 557.82 KB

22 Oct 2021 HSBC reiterates commitment to net-zero transition English PDF 69.24 KB

20 Oct 2021 HSBC Malta offers employers a pension plan for their employees English PDF 69.04 KB

18 Oct 2021 HSBC Malta supports TradeMalta’s internationalisation programme English PDF 100.91 KB

15 Oct 2021 HSBC Malta gives €5 to customers who download and register to the mobile banking app English PDF 136.18 KB

14 Oct 2021 Global businesses set to battle for talent as hiring plans fuel growth ambitions English PDF 34.10 KB

11 Oct 2021 More than 10,000 people in Malta benefit from HSBC Malta’s Future Skills Programme English PDF 127.79 KB

5 Oct 2021 Second round of HSBC-sponsored webinars ‘International Insights’ launched by TradeMalta English PDF 539.38 KB


29 Sep 2021 Third edition of Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards launched English PDF 427.53 KB

28 Sep 2021 European capital markets issuers and investors world-leading in their zero-carbon commitments English PDF 300.35 KB

15 Sep 2021 HSBC Malta renews Gold Partnership with The Malta Chamber English PDF 208.37 KB

3 Sep 2021 HSBC Malta and ĠEMMA launch fraud awareness booklet English PDF 394.27 KB


25 Aug 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports financial literacy sessions English PDF 375.23 KB

18 Aug 2021 HSBC Malta’s “Catch the Drop” campaign brings water use awareness to SkolaSajf English PDF 78.64 KB

2 Aug 2021 HSBC Malta - satisfactory financial performance in the first half of the year English PDF 61.83 KB


23 Jul 2021 HSBC Malta offers students chance to double their stipend English PDF 338.53 KB

21 Jul 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation renews support for Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti English PDF 163.31 KB

9 Jul 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports High 5 Junior Mathematicians Challenge 2021 English PDF 76.60 KB

7 Jul 2021 HSBC Malta supports Malta Chamber webinar on trade finance solutions English PDF 496.66 KB


23 Jun 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation sponsors online educational STEM event English PDF 77.51 KB

18 Jun 2021 HSBC Malta sponsored PTI Achieve Malta Awards winners announced English PDF 138.65 KB

16 Jun 2021 HSBC Malta sponsors Science Safari 2021 winners’ prizes English PDF 138.67 KB

15 Jun 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation English PDF 77.60 KB

9 Jun 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports Torri l-Abjad restoration, conservation and rehabilitation English PDF 175.85 KB

4 Jun 2021 Steer your business to brighter horizons with HSBC Malta’s international business fund English PDF 139.73 KB

1 Jun 2021 HSBC Malta becomes title sponsor of Malta Pride English PDF 323.79 KB


27 May 2021 Maltese students win international financial capability challenge English PDF 70.06 KB

21 May 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports Prince’s Trust International Achieve programme English PDF 113.14 KB

17 May 2021 HSBC Malta opens 80 Mill Street, Qormi branch English PDF 182.73 KB

3 May 2021 Maltese businesses encouraged to tap into HSBC’s sustainable business initiative English PDF 81.10 KB


29 Apr 2021 HSBC to host virtual three-week SME conference English PDF 64.65 KB

21 Apr 2021 “Business Plan for the Planet” webinar examines HSBC’s bold and ambitious plans English PDF 140.05 KB

19 Apr 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports Careers Expo ‘Inspire to Aspire’ English PDF 49.09 KB

8 Apr 2021 HSBC Malta and the Malta Chamber collaborate on sustainable business webinar English PDF 55.60 KB

1 Apr 2021 HSBC and Malta Chamber hold joint post-COVID outlook webinar English PDF 128.01 KB


25 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta to mark Earth Hour 2021 English PDF 39.91 KB

22 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports matemaTIKKA awards English PDF 129.15 KB

17 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports OASI Foundation English PDF 56.49 KB

11 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta reopens Victoria Gozo branch English PDF 289.05 KB

10 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports the Human Capital Research Project English PDF 123.32 KB

8 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta supports JAYE Malta’s financial literacy project English PDF 64.43 KB

5 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta facilitates donations for International Women’s Day English PDF 68.56 KB

3 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta tops Euromoney’s 2021 Trade Finance Survey English PDF 69.50 KB

2 Mar 2021 HSBC Malta-supported Chamber webinar explores EU-UK trade prospects English PDF 64.87 KB


23 Feb 2021 Fundamentals remain strong despite Covid-19 challenges for HSBC Malta English PDF 81.77 KB

19 Feb 2021 HSBC Malta reopens Gżira branch English PDF 266.22 KB

17 Feb 2021 HSBC Malta confirms launch of Customer Account Fee English PDF 311.47 KB

12 Feb 2021 HSBC Malta launches updated mobile app English PDF 67.81 KB

9 Feb 2021 HSBC Navigator Report 2020: World’s businesses project two-speed recovery from Covid-19 English PDF 80.39 KB

4 Feb 2021 HSBC Malta supports Chamber webinar on Brexit impact English PDF 60.98 KB


26 Jan 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation supports the Karl Vella Foundation English PDF 137.61 KB

22 Jan 2021 HSBC Malta to reopen Rabat branch English PDF 347.46 KB

15 Jan 2021 HSBC Malta rolls out quicker and simpler business client onboarding experience English PDF 183.07 KB

7 Jan 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation donates €5,000 to Fondazzjoni Sebħ English PDF 229.75 KB

5 Jan 2021 HSBC Malta Foundation sponsors Climathon’s winning prize English PDF 269.23 KB


23 Dec 2020 Extraordinary times call for extraordinary banking English PDF 235.22 KB

16 Dec 2020 Building Resilient Organisations English PDF 185.64 KB

9 Dec 2020 HSBC Malta sponsors food waste management award English PDF 175.05 KB

4 Dec 2020 HSBC Malta launches Christmas food collection initiative English PDF 86.60 KB

3 Dec 2020 HSBC Malta awarded mental wellbeing Gold Certificate by The Richmond Foundation for a second time English PDF 111.82 KB


20 Nov 2020 HSBC Malta supports bank’s global upskilling efforts English PDF 235.42 KB

18 Nov 2020 Companies and Partnerships can now apply for HSBC Malta’s Fusion account online English PDF 237.22 KB

13 Nov 2020 HSBC Malta supports innovation in education English PDF 51.04 KB

11 Nov 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation teams up with Malta Girl Guides to support children in Malta English PDF 141.55 KB

9 Nov 2020 HSBC Malta introduces innovative digital solutions for Malta businesses English PDF 154.53 KB

2 Nov 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation supports Dr Klown English PDF 176.63 KB


29 Oct 2020 HSBC Malta announces changes to its branch network and future enhancements to its service offering English PDF 60.50 KB

28 Oct 2020 Trailblazing entrepreneurs recognised at the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards English PDF 209.60 KB

26 Oct 2020 HSBC Malta launches revamped HSBC Premier English PDF 225.84 KB

20 Oct 2020 HSBC Malta’s sports challenge supports Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna English PDF 78.02 KB

16 Oct 2020 HSBC Malta supports TradeMalta’s new series of webinars on international business English PDF 249.49 KB


18 Sep 2020 An active summer for The HSBC Malta Foundation English PDF 271.08 KB

16 Sep 2020 HSBCnet enhanced to further support commercial customers’ banking needs English PDF 404.47 KB

3 Sep 2020 HSBC Bank Malta connects business to Europe and beyond English PDF 113.13 KB


31 Aug 2020 HSBC’s ‘Navigating the new Norm’ webinars available to Maltese businesses English PDF 250.93 KB

19 Aug 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation supports the St Jeanne Antide Foundation English PDF 214.45 KB

17 Aug 2020 HSBC Malta acts to mitigate effect of socially distanced queues English PDF 322.27 KB

10 Aug 2020 Experience the transformative power of HSBCnet English PDF 191.11 KB

7 Aug 2020 Kids get to grips with fake advertising and price tricks English PDF 258.41 KB

5 Aug 2020 Big names in business judge the second edition of the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award English PDF 179.38 KB

3 Aug 2020 Interim Results 2020 media release English PDF 72.37 KB


30 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta and MUBE agree remote working policy English PDF 190.25 KB

28 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation announces winners of Covid-19 STEM initiatives English PDF 67.87 KB

24 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta supports the Malta Red Cross Society English PDF 138.20 KB

21 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta supports TradeMalta’s webinar on the future of supply chains and trade finance English PDF 330.29 KB

20 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta reopens Żurrieq branch English PDF 239.39 KB

16 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta focuses on sustainable finance English PDF 65.23 KB

1 Jul 2020 HSBC Malta supports Malta Trust Foundation‘s Food Aid Project English PDF 133.19 KB


26 Jun 2020 HSBC Malta supports TradeMalta’s COVID-19 Export Response Scheme English PDF 397.23 KB

23 Jun 2020 HSBC Malta supports TradeMalta’s webinars on international business English PDF 244.05 KB

19 Jun 2020 HSBC Malta launches innovative online Live Chat for Commercial Banking customers English PDF 159.60 KB

18 Jun 2020 HSBC Malta supports Richmond Foundation’s Gift of Therapy English PDF 264.88 KB

16 Jun 2020 HSBC Malta reopens Birkirkara, Swieqi and Żejtun branches English PDF 213.92 KB

12 Jun 2020 HSBC Malta kicks off this year’s Student Campaign English PDF 319.72 KB

8 Jun 2020 HSBC to host exclusive webinar on post Covid trade English PDF 448.94 KB


27 May 2020 HSBC Bank Malta launches new “Investments Academy” microsite English PDF 248.05 KB

25 May 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation supports young students’ science-related initiatives English PDF 358.47 KB

20 May 2020 HSBC Malta launches the Malta Development Bank COVID-19 Guarantee Scheme English PDF 85.70 KB


29 Apr 2020 HSBC Malta announces three new senior management appointments English PDF 336.96 KB

22 Apr 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation supports NGOs amid COVID-19 emergency English PDF 163.00 KB

6 Apr 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation supports children's initiatives during Covid-19 outbreak English PDF 357.83 KB

2 Apr 2020 HSBC Malta announces extended online service support, changes to service offering English PDF 117.46 KB


30 Mar 2020 HSBC Malta launches trade finance initiatives to support businesses affected by COVID-19 English PDF 183.90 KB

23 Mar 2020 HSBC Malta supports personal customers affected by Coronavirus English PDF 197.33 KB

18 Mar 2020 HSBC Malta takes action to ensure local shareholders receive dividend payments on time English PDF 78.54 KB

17 Mar 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation supports life skills training for students English PDF 507.72 KB

13 Mar 2020 HSBC Malta to provide services from 5 largest branches English PDF 10.85 KB

12 Mar 2020 HSBC supports vulnerable women to mark International Women’s Day English PDF 101.34 KB

11 Mar 2020 HSBC Malta introduces measures to support businesses affected by Coronavirus English PDF 74.90 KB

9 Mar 2020 Simon Vaughan Johnson to succeed Andrew Beane as HSBC Malta CEO English PDF 56.90 KB


28 Feb 2020 Think, Learn and Succeed - A short digital entrepreneurship course English PDF 397.33 KB

25 Feb 2020 Second edition of Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award launched English PDF 69.97 KB

20 Feb 2020 HSBC Bank Malta supports better understanding of earth and its environment English PDF 145.36 KB

18 Feb 2020 HSBC reports strong financial performance English PDF 67.57 KB

13 Feb 2020 HSBC Bank Malta launches Virtual Assistant for business customers English PDF 52.33 KB

11 Feb 2020 HSBC employees successfully complete qualification in Home Loan Finance English PDF 107.79 KB

4 Feb 2020 HSBC Malta Foundation further strengthened its support for EkoSkola English PDF 108.25 KB


29 Jan 2020 2000 trees to be planted thanks to successful HSBC mobile app campaign English PDF 1.50 MB

26 Jan 2020 HSBC Malta unveils Qormi flagship branch plans English PDF 362.57 KB


11 Nov 2019 HSBC Malta wins international award for Malta CSR Institute’s sustainability awareness raising initiatives English PDF 252.12 KB

10 Nov 2019 Malta’s premier international business awards take place this month English PDF 92.36 KB

5 Nov 2019 HSBC Malta invites public to support International Men’s Day initiative English PDF 93.55 KB

1 Nov 2019 HSBC Malta’s ‘Here to Help’ programme supports customers to adapt new ways of banking English PDF 86.34 KB


29 Oct 2019 HSBC Malta Foundation supports financial capability initiatives for primary children English PDF 118.21 KB

24 Oct 2019 HSBC Malta announces Green Loans English PDF 111.40 KB

10 Oct 2019 HSBC to focus on digital services and modernise branches as customers use banks differently English PDF 58.61 KB

3 Oct 2019 HSBC Malta launches new mobile banking app English PDF 159.26 KB


30 Sep 2019 HSBC celebrates 3rd successful summer with its internship programme English PDF 52.93 KB

26 Sep 2019 HSBC Malta Foundation releases 2017-19 Corporate Sustainability report English PDF 119.79 KB


14 Aug 2019 Kids getting budget savvy English PDF 148.03 KB

8 Aug 2019 HSBC Malta launches new state-of-the-art digital solution for investments English PDF 68.72 KB

5 Aug 2019 HSBC profits increase as strategy gains momentum English PDF 77.87 KB


24 Jul 2019 HSBC, Science Centre launch STEM Camps English PDF 372.79 KB

18 Jul 2019 HSBC Fusion launches enhanced online experience for sole traders English PDF 115.84 KB

12 Jul 2019 HSBC Malta launches €250m International Business Fund English PDF 175.08 KB

3 Jul 2019 New online account opening for HSBC Malta 2019 Student campaign English PDF 187.82 KB

1 Jul 2019 HSBC Malta announces senior management appointments English PDF 161.04 KB


30 Jun 2019 HSBC Malta to roll out enhanced personal internet banking English PDF 43.07 KB

20 Jun 2019 Opening a bank account just became easier at HSBC Malta English PDF 64.70 KB

12 Jun 2019 HSBC fostering Maltese businesses to thrive internationally English PDF 251.84 KB

5 Jun 2019 HSBC, UNESCO introduce environmental book on Mosta’s Wied il-Għasel English PDF 318.71 KB


28 May 2019 HSBC bolsters home loan lending to support customers, industry English PDF 85.97 KB

14 May 2019 First national financial literacy quiz held English PDF 265.37 KB

13 May 2019 John Bonello appointed new HSBC Malta Chairman English PDF 177.72 KB


17 Apr 2019 HSBC credit card promotion benefits Hospice Malta English PDF 94.22 KB

8 Apr 2019 HSBC Malta appoints seasoned banker as Executive Director and new Head of Business Development English PDF 218.20 KB


22 Mar 2019 World Water Day activities supported by HSBC English PDF 310.16 KB

14 Mar 2019 HSBC Malta and MUBE sign 5-year collective agreement English PDF 254.78 KB

7 Mar 2019 HSBC Malta enabling future skills for young people English PDF 378.69 KB


19 Feb 2019 HSBC Bank Malta 2018 Annual Results English PDF 81.71 KB

14 Feb 2019 Natalie Briffa Farrugia wins inaugural Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award English PDF 179.68 KB


25 Jan 2019 HSBC ushers in 2019 with great offers and discounts English PDF 211.08 KB

23 Jan 2019 Leading business figures judge Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards English PDF 163.50 KB

21 Jan 2019 HSBC Malta brings warmth and comfort this winter English PDF 679.75 KB


21 Dec 2018 HSBC ATM talks to customers this Christmas English PDF 265.69 KB

19 Dec 2018 HSBC Malta organises Christmas parties for customers English PDF 539.80 KB

17 Dec 2018 Resounding success for HSBC Malta employees Pension plan English PDF 383.78 KB

12 Dec 2018 Award-winning HSBCnet internet banking for businesses revamped English PDF 176.43 KB

4 Dec 2018 HSBC first in Malta to introduce complete digital experience on personal loans English PDF 254.82 KB


13 Nov 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation supports the Down Syndrome Association English PDF 103.66 KB

5 Nov 2018 Malta’s first businesswoman awards launched for trailblazing female leaders English PDF 118.34 KB


30 Oct 2018 HSBC Malta recognised as model employer for mental wellbeing English PDF 77.48 KB

23 Oct 2018 Popular HSBC Fusion service now open to more small business customers English PDF 91.08 KB

17 Oct 2018 HSBC Malta promotes the love for the environment with its JAYE interns English PDF 524.63 KB

4 Oct 2018 HSBC Malta launches new international business service English PDF 208.33 KB


28 Aug 2018 HSBC Water Programme supports SkolaSajf summer activities English PDF 264.16 KB

21 Aug 2018 HSBC Premier re-launched with attractive new benefits English PDF 158.72 KB

16 Aug 2018 HSBC Malta colleagues’ summer party English PDF 1.69 MB

6 Aug 2018 HSBC Bank Malta sustains dividend, shifts focus to growth English PDF 131.80 KB

1 Aug 2018 HSBC Water Programme celebrates another successful year English PDF 282.91 KB


30 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta making student life more rewarding English PDF 264.60 KB

25 Jul 2018 Maltese schools achieve highest global rankings in international water programme English PDF 235.97 KB

23 Jul 2018 HSBC Global Asset Management Malta launches the Lower Carbon Funds range English PDF 67.88 KB

17 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta Summer Party for Customers English PDF 649.86 KB

16 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta installs a new ATM in Sliema English PDF 74.59 KB

6 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta ‘At Our Best Excellence Awards’ Reception English PDF 983.60 KB

2 Jul 2018 HSBC Malta first to receive John Harper Award for an organisation English PDF 131.91 KB


28 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta wins Global Water Challenges prize English PDF 173.64 KB

20 Jun 2018 HSBC Foundation donates the magic of music to Sannat Special Unit English PDF 140.81 KB

14 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta and EY organise seminar to support corporates English PDF 361.59 KB

12 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation transforming young lives English PDF 142.27 KB

6 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta’s flagship corporate banking centre ready for business English PDF 258.75 KB

5 Jun 2018 HSBC Malta launches 2018 student campaign and offers English PDF 99.32 KB


30 May 2018 Winners of HSBC Malta Touch ID launch competition announced English PDF 236.06 KB

28 May 2018 HSBC Malta Annual Quiz Night English PDF 190.93 KB

17 May 2018 HSBC first bank in Malta to launch Face ID technology English PDF 87.40 KB

15 May 2018 HSBC Malta hosts top international expert on foreign exchange English PDF 116.23 KB

14 May 2018 Family Fun Day at HSBC Malta English PDF 414.12 KB

3 May 2018 HSBC Malta card users win cashback English PDF 162.14 KB


30 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta Business Banking Reception English PDF 325.91 KB

27 Apr 2018 HSBC-supported exhibition imagines water from a new lens English PDF 205.08 KB

24 Apr 2018 Diamond studded venue for an award-winning Asset Management portfolio English PDF 137.02 KB

22 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta announces investment to transform flagship corporate banking sector English PDF 65.73 KB

17 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta first major bank to announce pension plan for its employees English PDF 118.74 KB

10 Apr 2018 Moving towards a cashless economy English PDF 63.78 KB

4 Apr 2018 HSBC Malta response to media speculation English PDF 17.73 KB

2 Apr 2018 HSBC rallies Malta and Gozo on World Water Day English PDF 477.42 KB


27 Mar 2018 Former HSBC employees making a difference English PDF 700.47 KB

22 Mar 2018 HSBC Malta celebrates the successes of its outstanding employees English PDF 753.14 KB

19 Mar 2018 Corporations unite for CSR Day 2018 English PDF 1.25 MB

13 Mar 2018 HSBC supports innovative parenting project at the University of Malta English PDF 129.44 KB

12 Mar 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation continues partnership with Patrimonju Malti English PDF 104.55 KB

8 Mar 2018 HSBC Malta honours women on International Women’s Day English PDF 935.08 KB

6 Mar 2018 HSBC in excellent position to support the residential property market English PDF 1.67 MB

1 Mar 2018 HSBC improves Fusion service for small business owners English PDF 1.00 MB


27 Feb 2018 HSBC Malta provides new tools for businesses looking to grow English PDF 237.92 KB

20 Feb 2018 HSBC Bank Malta 2017 Financial Results English PDF 44.70 KB

15 Feb 2018 HSBC first bank to launch fingerprint recognition technology in Malta English PDF 688.75 KB

12 Feb 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation volunteers reviving Torri l-Abjad English PDF 257.04 KB

9 Feb 2018 HSBC Premier customers off to enjoy a Mastercard Priceless Experience English PDF 112.89 KB


30 Jan 2018 HSBC invests close to €1 million on water conservation in Malta English PDF 144.51 KB

29 Jan 2018 HSBC Malta to upgrade ATMs and card systems English PDF 28.80 KB

9 Jan 2018 HSBC Malta Foundation weaves a new chapter of Maltese lace making with decade-long support English PDF 662.77 KB

3 Jan 2018 HSBC offers customers a mega start to 2018 English PDF 436.88 KB

Media contact

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Head of Communications
HSBC Bank Malta Plc
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Qormi, QRM 3101

Phone: +356 2380 3250

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